Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Colored miniature

Hello again everyone,

I ended my last post about miniatures with a remake of an older one.
A small badger in armor, swinging a hammer - a paladin.

Though I like the raw look of sculptures I think miniatures really benefit from a good paintjob. It increases the readability since they are so small and usually watched from some distance.

I was worried at first and not sure how I wanted him to look, so I took the previous photo and used photoshop to sketch some colors. The first attempt was very grey and dull, since the badger istelf doesnt add much color either. After that I came to like a bronze and gold mix or a red-shaded gold. The first idea to make all his clothes leather was changed to give him a white dress under the armor with yellow accents. This together with the warm-colored armor created a nice impression of a holy knight.

Here the steps

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The raw models, the left (old) one with universal white primer
An early color sketch, mostly iron and leather colors

the final sketch

And the colored mini. metallic silver, bronze and gold and acrylics

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