Friday, September 22, 2017

Sculpting and crafting for roleplaying games

Every now and then, I get the strong urge to do something else than painting.
Over the last weeks my free time was spent on crafting little things for my roleplaying group.

Here a sculpt I made out of super sculpey (med), wire and tinfoil as an underbuild. I sculpted small figures before, but this is the biggest so far, ~15cm in heigth. The darker parts are a made out of an older patch of clay, which seems to burn a bit faster, likely because the clay is older. This was not intended but it gives the eyebrows an interesting touch.
The creature is a badger, which is a bit hard to tell, since it lacks the black and white marks on the face.

The pedestal for the figure was added later, since the ground of the figure itself was a bit too thin for my taste and also bent slightly upwards during the baking process. Therefore the base has a fitting negative shape to keep it from wobbling.

Here some other objects I made: A little box to store my gaming stuff. I used a premade paper box with 2 magnets in it as a base and then proceeded to paint it with acrylics for a nice wooden look. The metal parts are painted cardboard from some amazon boxes. I didnt want to glue something inside the box, so I made a divider out of 4 intersecting pieces that just fit very well, but can still be moved around.

 And finally, my first dice tower. I was interested in getting one since I saw the amazing wooden version from Wyrmwood. Sadly that one is way too pricey for me and I didnt really like most of the regular ones you can buy on etsy and alike, so why not make one myself? My first idea was to use wood, but I lack the tools and materials for that, so I used another material I really like to use: Cardboard! Really heavy cardboard ~2mm thick, you can find it on the back of large paper blocks. Some planning, a lot of glueing, cutting and painting later and the thing is done.

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